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Support Baseball Jokes The following page consists of baseball related jokes, humorous stories, puns, play on words, play on players, and all other types of humor related to virtually every aspect of the game of baseball. They installed a new pitching machine the other day. Unfortunately it beat them This means that Maier has already caught more fly balls than the entire Mets outfield According to the Chicago Tribune, the following statistic was given in the press notes for the June 7 Chicago-Oakland game: The Oakland Athletics are in games in which they have scored more runs than their opponents.

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All players must exist in the order so they will appear in the position select menus ie- pitcher, shortstop, etc. If you are not using a continuous order ie- everyone bats , then simply skip a space and list the remainder of your players. I think it is a good idea to add ALL players, even if you are not sure they will be at the game so you do not have to redo all positions if you later add a player.

The Lafayette Daily Advertiser has obtained Title IX complaints filed individually with the Office for Civil Rights by nine former University of Louisiana at Lafayette softball players that collectively paint a picture of a program in chaos.

Tales of a wandering lesbian Why do lesbians like softball so much? Not all lesbians play softball. Not all lesbians like softball. Portland has a gay league. But even outside the gay leagues, softball plays an important part in lesbian culture. But it aside from maybe rugby holds the top spot as sports associated with lesbians.

No briefs like volleyball, or skirts like field hockey. When you line up the traditional Title 9 sports, softball and baseball are the most similar team sports for men and women. Through college, softball allows women to compete in a sport that is as understood and important to our society as baseball. While it requires a certain level of hand-eye coordination, and certainly rewards those who are physically fit, softball accommodates all sizes and shapes of players.

Softball is a team sport. Most of the team is in the dugout together for extended periods of time each inning while the team is batting.

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Fielders catch or retrieve the ball from out in the field. A person who answers questions from many people in a group. The Minister was fielding questions from the reporters. Getting to first base The first leg of a players quest to score a run A little success on the dating front Matt was on a date last night but he didn’t even get to first base. Go into bat for Take your turn to bat for your team Represent someone in public Michael Noonan went on TV to bat for the Fine Gael party after the corporate payment was revealed.

The SEC announces Baseball Players of the Week for Week 2 of the season.

What year did baseball players start wearing numbers? There had been a couple of attempts to use numbers in the major leagues before the idea caught on. In , and again in , the Cleveland Indians experimented with numbers on their sleeves, as did the Cardinals in On January 22, , the Yankees became the first team to use numbers regu…larly, thinking that fans could recognize players more easily that way. Initially, players were given numbers based on the batting order – for example, Babe Ruth batted third, so he wore No.

It took until , however, for every team to have their numbers on all their shirts – the last to change being the home uniforms for the Philadelphia A’s. MORE Can you use a baseball glove for softball? Since a softball is largerthan a baseball, a softball glove wil…l be larger than a baseballglove. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a baseballglove for playing softball.

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Like us on Facebook Team Goals and Rules: To allow players to experience valuable life lessons such as being part of a team, how to act as winners, and how to learn from losing. To create valuable friendships and lifelong memories for the players, coaching staff, and all of the families involved. To “travel” in team vans as a team and build lifelong friendships, instill responsibility and discipline and learn a few life lessons along the way.

The following are the rules and regulations for all players and parents:

Other Sporting Metaphors. Rugby Metaphors. Soccer Metaphors. Tennis Metaphors. Sports Pictures. Metaphor Pictures. The first leg of a players quest to score a run Softball is a sanitised version of baseball.

Softball Scholarships Go To College for Softball Financial aid for college-bound softball players and in some cases auxiliary team volunteers is available from several sources. The NCAA is the official governing body for collegiate sports like softball, and the usual first choice as a source of financial aid. The NCAA has very strict rules on eligibility , and it is of paramount importance to keep your amateur status and conform to academic guidelines.

If you manage to clear those two hurdles, however, be advised that most of the scholarship money goes to the very best competitors in every sport. You should assess your chances realistically and plan as though you did not expect an NCAA scholarship, because such awards can be difficult to secure. Thus, one strategy used by many students aspiring to play college softball is to seek standard scholarship funding that is distributed according to financial need and academic merit.

The NCAA has two direct scholarship programs, described below. Jim McKay Scholarship Program Named after a sports journalist, the Jim McKay Scholarships are given to one man and one woman every year, in recognition of academic success and professional potential in the field of sports communication. To apply, you must have a GPA of 3. Scholarships From Private Organizations Bobby Sox Softball Bobby Sox Softball is a national program for girls interested in the sport, and one of its missions is advocating for education.

To that end, Bobby Sox Softball distributes scholarships for two sets of girls. The guidelines for the award are as follows:

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Click on a linked heading to go the related item at Rotoballer. Click on the black text of any item to bring back the previous item. For an introductory article, please see the Nov. As many of you already know from having read “Baseball Unraveled” by Clifton Neeley–Basketball is also affected by air resistance. For Basketball, the issue is not the trajectory, but the distance of flight of the three point shot. Most everyone knows that golf balls, footballs, and other projectiles fly further in higher altitude locations than at sea level venues.

America’s greatest pastime is still baseball, so a diverse group of men make the list of 10 former minor league baseball players. Will Ferrell, who was a fake player for the Round Rock Express, lasted one pitch, but some noted minor league baseball players didn’t stick around much longer.

The season begins with fall baseball. Fall baseball is a very important tool in executing this objective. Fall baseball provides players and coaches the opportunity to participate in live game play that will directly impact winter workout plans that coaches are required to create. In addition to such participation, players are encouraged to attend as much TMNE fall activities as possible. TMNE promotes the multi sport athlete as some of the top players within the program are multi-sport athletes.

Due to the light schedules, most multi-sport athletes find it very manageable to balance the schedules with their in-season sport. TMNE fall program will consist of one weekend double header and 1 one hour practice per week. The season typically begins after Labor Day weekend and runs through early October. Teams 9U U may also participate in one fall baseball tournament.

Roughly, teams can expect to play anywhere between fall baseball games weather permitting. The fall program is exclusive to members of the TMNE program. This provides members of the program the opportunity to prepare for the next spring season early. This is a unique opportunity that truly sets the tone for the rest of the baseball year. It also separates TMNE from most travel baseball programs.


Keeping young baseball and softball players motivated during the offseason Posted on by admin It’s the time of year for young baseball and softball players to hang up their gloves for the season, but before they know it, they’ll be back on the diamond. In the meantime, however, coaches and parents need to make sure that their young ballplayers don’t retire altogether until the spring.

No matter which approach they take to spark motivation, adults should sit down with their athletes and talk about the season that just concluded. It’s important, however, to focus the conversation on the future, discussing what could be better next year and how to get there.

The Edwardsville Tigers baseball program has a remarkable streak of 37 consecutive win seasons and shows no signs of slowing down thanks to a tradition of successful teams, players, coaches and.

History of Softball Softball developed as a younger version of baseball. Softball was started by elements of other sports of which were boating, boxing and football. A boating club, a boxing glove and a football game were key parts in the very first game of softball. Softball was first introduced on Thanksgiving Day in at a Harvard-Yale football game.

The size of the bat and ball as well as the exact rules changed as much as the name. There were softball gloves for fastpitch , slowpitch and many variations of sizes and netting. A man from Yale playfully threw a boxing glove at the Harvard grads after the game was done and bets were paid. A fan from Harvard hit the glove away with a broom handle. A game of indoor baseball commenced as a result.

George Hancock, part of the Harvard and Yale Alumni who gathered at the Farragut Boat Club in Chicago that day to hear the score of the annual football game, made a large, soft ball by taking a boxing glove and tying it. He did a small baseball diamond with chalk inside the boat club and the game was underway.

The game lasted an hour and ended with a score of Hancock wrote down rules and came up with a big soft ball and a bat that had a rubber tip that was good for indoors.

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Thursday, June 30, courtesy of brown athletics The Department of Athletics announced Monday that it has commenced construction of a new facility for the baseball and softball teams. The primary upgrade will be a synthetic turf playing surface, which will allow for consistent use of the fields in an unpredictable New England climate. The project is one of the many upgrades to athletic department facilities over the past years, dating back to the presidency of Ruth Simmons.

After the completion of the complex, the University will have a total of eight fields with synthetic turf. There was also mention of an indoor facility being built in the initial October announcement, but it was left out of the plans for the time being, Achilles said.

Season. Click here for first team and honorable mention all-state players for each division. Congratulations to all players! Season. Click the links below for first team and honorable mention all-state players for each division.

In fact, several American players have spent time in Japan’s national baseball league. If there is any group that has baseball chants down to a science, it’s the Japanese fans. This you tube video shows the fans at a baseball game actually singing an entire song. However, you’ll notice that they have unified motions and a short baseball chant that everyone knows.

And that’s the trick- getting everyone to know your chant. There are a few ways to do this: If you’re attending a little league or high school game, consider putting the words on a sheet and sending them home with the players and parents. The Japanese have lyric sheets at their games for those who don’t know the words. Do certain chants at every game so they are always familiar. Do them over the loudspeaker or with a megaphone.

Some Baseball Chants If you’re looking for some new baseball cheers, try these on at your next game: For a home run: To the tune of the Oscar Mayer Weiner song: Oooooooohhhhh Our team is the best ever They never lose a game They hit the ball And run around the base The other teams they see us We scare them all awaaaaaayyyy And that’s because we are the best Our team will win today!

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Meet some of the wives and girlfriends celebrating along with the players. The NLCS Championship winner’s haven’t won a world series game in a whopping 15 years, but many believe this could be their year. Addison, 26, and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter, in July.

Sep 18,  · The high school football season has already had its share of game-winning plays and terrific moments, and more are definitely on the horizon.

He lettered in baseball, basketball, football, track, and wresting and was also involved in choir and debate. He played basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and ran track. In he began a playing career that would last into the s, but in he started an umpiring career that would take him to the major leagues of inch softball. He started umpiring in church, school, and park district leagues around the West and Southwest suburbs of Chicago. That year, he also began umpiring at ASA regional, sectional, and national competitions.

He has officiated at eleven national tournaments, nineteen state tournaments, seven Forest Park Tournaments, twelve Grant Park Tournaments, all six North-South Tournaments, and at numerous inch tournaments. During his umpire career, he always stressed fairness in calling the game, respected the players and the integrity of the game, called the game to the best of his ability, and realized that the game is more important than one person. Currently he has reduced the number of games that he officiates, but does assign an elite group of umpires for inch major leagues and tournaments.

He is semi-retired and is a consultant for select companies and clients. He and his wife, Bonnie, live in Palos Park. Jim has two children, Debra and Julie, from a previous marriage. With his colorful antics and legendary methods of recruiting and retaining players, Braasch must rank as one of the top organizers of all time. Lou Lielinski, a top short-center of his era received a German shepherd puppy. He rewarded Braasch with 23 consecutive hits that season.

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