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The idea of being a better you, in the world of business, is not new. There is an entire multi-billion dollar industry based on teaching that very thing. A MAN is judged by his business prowess after all. The sad truth is that most of you men will go balls out in your quest for business superiority, yet woefully neglect the very foundation for that success, your inner being. I got a divorce, a bankruptcy, lost my home, family, friends, and 3 great dogs in the process the hardest part, trust me. I was one of those guys heading off to business success seminars around the world.

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After being orphaned at birth, adopted, and then experiencing a near-death experience in college, Transformational Life Coach Zen Benefiel developed an intense curiosity about his connection to the world. He continued on that path to become a life coach, using his eclectic array of knowledge and modalities to help clients feel empowered and inspired to work toward self-actualization.

Zen offers transformational life and career coaching to individuals and couples, as well as business coaching to corporations.

About Relaxzen Relaxzen makes the environments where people spend the majority of their day healthier and more relaxing. Relaxzen offers an extensive line of massage, orthopedic, therapeutic, wellness and relaxation products for the office, home and car.

How to Be a Better Person 1. Be kind to those you need nothing from. Weigh your words and actions and care how they impact others. Never use lousy emotions to justify lousy behavior. Want to be a better person, hunger for it, value it, prioritize it; you will more likely take steps toward it. Let go of anger and never use it as an excuse to treat others poorly. It happens by a thousand tiny surrenders of self-respect to self-interest.

Let go of selfishness by loving others as much as yourself. Let go of self-abuse by loving yourself enough to love others. Learn to love the loveless. Do a kind deed anonymously. Make all decisions by first consulting your values; every important decision you make is an extension of your character. Let your conscience speak louder than your heart.

Huineng (Hui-neng) (638—713)

History[ edit ] Gautama Buddha never spoke against marriage [3] but instead pointed out some of the difficulties of marriage. Being past one’s youth, to take a young wife and to be unable to sleep for jealousy of her — this is a cause of one’s downfall. Although this clear and quite detailed acknowledgement of homosexuality exists in the monastic discipline Vinaya , there is not one instance in which homosexuality is condemned or spoken of as evil or unskillful Pali, “akusala” in the voluminous recension of discourses and teachings given by the Buddha and his disciples the Suttas.

All schools, including the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Buddhism, consider compassion, love and kindness at the centre of Buddhist practice and therefore love of all kind is seen as accepted. The Dalai Lama has spoken of the merits of heterosexual marriage:

Feb 02,  · Zen Mommy Gives Dating Sex & Relationship Advice to Rachel Coleman Youtuber “MsChronicChronicles” Together we discuss the challenges with .

Buddhism What the Buddha Said about Soulmate Relationships There are four basic dynamics which are essential to create this wonderful relationship that most people dream of. The Buddha himself said very little about soulmate relationships or marriage because due to his culture he focused on monasticism. However, when studying Buddhist teachings we can find a wealth of information that is directly applicable to anyone who would like to have a soulmate relationship.

There are four basic dynamics which are essential to create this wonderful relationship that most people dream of. Commitment to Love and to Grow in Love Many people wrongly assume that their love would always flow beautifully if they would only meet the right person and that their more negative and selfish sides will only surface if their partner suddenly becomes difficult or boring. The truth is that our love will only be as strong as our commitment to always regard the needs of our partner as important as our own.

Not more important and not less — just as important. The Law of an Even Deal Unfortunately, a commitment to love alone — beautiful as it is — is not enough.

How to Be a Better Person

Being poor is a state of mind. Being broke is a temporary situation. Indeed, your blog reading can serve you well with your becoming smarter and richer. The following websites and blogs bring you free advice on how to make money as an expert in your field, how to save money, and how to spend money wisely.

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It is worth looking, if you have not already, at the example layout to see the guidelines each section of information is based on – or for other travel advice and site home head for travelindependent. What follows are only basic snapshot summaries. If you have decided these are some of the countries you want to visit and need more planning information then you are strongly recommended to complement what you find here with a planning guide.

Trust us it will make life much easier. Plus shopping through the site is a big thank you if you have been helped out ; to see why click here. Hong Kong and Tibet. Arriving at Shanghai’s Pu Dong airport the train link to the city floats on magnets and whisks you along at kph. The Pu Dong skyline viewed across the river from the European architecture of the Bund is equally impressive. You can see why the Chinese are so proud of their recent growth, economic success and wakening.

There are similar stories in Beijing and any of the many ‘mega cities’ that dot the country, most of which are almost unknown outside of China. Neon-lights, ubiquitous cranes, high-rises, traffic and a drive and determination in the Chinese unmatched globally

Letting Go in Relationships: A Buddhist’s View of Attachment.

Though Keifer was born before ’83, so may have qualified under earlier rules. WrinklyOldGit Does not work — airlines will not carry her after around 6. Send the entire family back or keep the entire family where they are. Kiefer is definitely Canadian, not English. Place of birth is not a criterion of citizenship in most countries.

Thousands of young people born in Germany are Turkish, not German, citizens because their parents were Turkish.

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A cat lady is crazy. That homeless guy on the street is crazy. Your ex girlfriend is crazy or at least she has a personality disorder. However, there is a much more interesting, much more dangerous form of crazy — psychosis. When someone is psychotic it means they are experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: A delusion is a firmly held, fixed, and false belief. Delusions can be nonbizarre, meaning that the belief is unlikely, but within the realm of possibility, such as thinking the CIA is following you.

Or they can be bizarre, meaning that the belief is totally impossible, such as thinking aliens implanted a microchip in your brain this type of delusion is characteristic of schizophrenia.

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References and Further Reading 1. Of those assembled, only one disciple Mahakashyapa Sanskrit: Eventually the transmission passed to a certain Bodhidharma c.

Oct 13,  · How to Spot an Online Dating Scammer. This wikiHow teaches you how to avoid being scammed on dating sites. Online dating scammers tend to target people who have a large amount of information in their profiles, and the scam is usually based Views: K.

If you freak out over the tiniest mishaps, you will be irritated, frustrated and angry all the time. You need to realize that there are things we can’t control and develop a more positive outlook on things. Here are some tips for achieving a zen attitude and living a more balanced life. Having a zen attitude means being mindful and finding awareness of the present moment.

To achieve a zen attitude, you need to focus on positive things. This will help you calm down, relax and cope with everyday problems without stressing out. So, how to master your zen attitude? It should become your anthem, because one of the most important things you need to learn is how to let go of everything you can’t fully control.

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Devadatta[ edit ] Devadatta is noted for attempting to kill the Sakyamuni Buddha on several occasions including: Throwing a large rock at him. Devadatta missed, but a splinter from the rock drew blood from the Buddha’s foot.

Before Prince Shotoku made Buddhism the national religion of Japan, many opposed the integration of Buddhism into Japan. Once this forced integration occurred, Japan synchronized Buddhism with its native religion Shinto, resulting in a unique sect of Buddhism existing only on the East Asian Island.

Verified by Psychology Today Procrastination Everyone puts things off sometimes, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions. Procrastination in large part reflects perennial struggles with self-control as well as the general human inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, or the day after. Perfectionists are often procrastinators; it is psychologically more acceptable to never tackle a task than to face the possibility of falling short on performance.

Procrastinators typically contend that they perform better under pressure, but research shows that is not the case; more often than not that’s their way of justifying putting things off. Procrastination also involves some degree of self-deception ; they are at some level aware of the truth of their actions. Unfortunately, the contemporary environment abets procrastination by supplying an endless array of distractions literally at one’s fingertips. It’s possible to overcome procrastination—with effort.


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