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The Future of Jobs and Skills

November 15, Comments Off on Tiger vs. Not everything has to be the ultimate in competition. Do these same people only eat at five-star restaurants? Do they only watch movies nominated for Best Picture?

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I’ve made a lot of gears in this manner. I don’t know how many, but looking over a number of projects in the shop, it has to be over in all, including a full set of change gears for a Sherline lathe I once owned. All with single tool point flycutter set-ups. Well, I have a project planned that will need many gears cut to complete it, and I figure it’s time I took a step up to multi-point gear cutters.

They should make my gear cutting chores much quicker, once I have the set-up for making the cutters. I found a version for this type of cutter making jig on a clock making forum. This isn’t something I came up with myself, and I’m taking no credit for it. I did take the time to take quite a few pictures of the project, and thought others might take an interest in this method, and maybe in some of my comments.


On conducting a tear-down of the cooler, the team at Future Factory saw much potential is re-engineering the product for better ergonomics, serviceability and parts management. With the result that the brief had a strong engineering skew aside from the design element. Moving way past aesthetics into the heart of the product. Improving efficiencies in all aspects of the consumer-product interface.

For example: Saving a match point in a GS semi-final or final and turning the match around. Djokovic saving 4 match points at US Open & , both in semifinals vs. The GOAT Roger Federer with shots so rare that RF said post-match Djokovic is lucky 4 times!?

Learning focused on outcomes and the future conditions that should have been foreseeable and that produced these outcomes. Committing resources, usually following a choice. Active listening is a way of listening that focuses entirely on what the other person is saying and confirms understanding of both the content of the message and the emotions and feelings underlying the message to ensure that understanding is accurate.

Determining the accuracy of information offered by experts in a decision process, such as the likelihood of a future condition interest rates , and forming by what has been obtained by the typical experts. Based on what the assessor really knows, it is the opposite of hypothetical judgment. Adaptation of the Decision Process: Most organizations face each of the types of decisions with varying degrees of puzzlement.

Decision makers with a repertoire of decision processes, skills or staff support to apply them and guidelines to match decisional tactics to decision types and degrees of puzzlement can improve their decision making practices. When a decision process fits a decision amenable to its procedures, a favorable effect on cost, timeliness, risk of omission, flexibility, acceptance, consistency, and validity should result.

The mixed-mode decision process is best for search decisions that are very puzzling and involve stakeholders with unknown interests. Wider use of the mixed-mode procedure under these conditions should improve both acceptance and consistency through coalition management. The group decision process is recommended for information-rich decisions, moderately puzzling decisions, and decisions involving multiple stakeholders with known interest.

The Future Of Learning? Well, It’s Personal

What will we get to see as two of the best to ever tee it up? Let’s take a look at this week’s contest. Will the golf be any good? This is the part that concerns me. Is this thing going to fizzle if Tiger and Phil start a combined 4 over on the first three holes, or will it not matter because Mickelson is talking trash at a level that would get Draymond Green’s attention?

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Expressions[ edit ] The nature of the future , necessarily uncertain and at varying distances ahead, means that the speaker may refer to future events with the modality either of probability what the speaker expects to happen or intent what the speaker plans to make happen. Future meaning is supplied by the context, with the use of temporal adverbs such as “later”, “next year”, etc. Such adverbs in particular words meaning “tomorrow” and “then” sometimes develop into grammaticalized future tense markers.

A tense used to refer specifically to occurrences taking place on the following day is called a crastinal tense. In other languages, mostly of European origin, specific markers indicate futurity. These structures constitute a future tense. In many cases, an auxiliary verb is used, as in English, where futurity is often indicated by the modal auxiliary will or shall. However, some languages combine such an auxiliary with the main verb to produce a simple one-word, morphological future tense.

This is the origin of the future tense in Western Romance languages such as French and Italian see below. A given language may have more than one way to express futurity. In addition, the verb forms used for the future tense can also be used to express other types of meaning; English again provides examples of this see English modal verbs for the various meanings that both will and shall can have besides simply expressing futurity.

Expressions of relative tense[ edit ] It is sometimes possible to mark the time of an occurrence as being in the past or future not relative to the present moment the moment of speaking , but relative to a time of reference, which can itself be in the past or future or in some hypothetical reality relative to the present moment. Thus an occurrence may be marked as taking place in the “past of the future”, “future of the past”, etc. For the “past of the past”, see pluperfect.

The past, present and future of West Brom’s striking department

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Decision making process: The decision making process is the process that is used to make a decision. It can be an expert process, where the decision is made by one or more “experts” who look at the “facts” and make the decision based on those facts; it can be a political process through which a political representative or body makes the.

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Team Bath Buccaneers Hockey Club

There, whether he lived or died, he would be a winner, a hero. In his own florid fashion, he wrote: In either case, he concluded, we are victorious, victorious even in death — how sublime!

13 hours ago · The Match is trying to crowbar golf, or gambling on golf, into Thanksgiving weekend. Golf is not supposed to have a seat at the table on Thanksgiving but Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, a .

The series takes place following the Grand Finale of the cartoon. Danny’s life has undergone many changes following the events of ” Phantom Planet “, with his entire family now aware of his powers, his best friend Tucker Foley being Amity Park’s new mayor, former rival Valerie Gray now an ally , and, of course, his Relationship Upgrade with Sam Manson. However, after the return of Dan Phantom , Danny’s evil alternate future self , and a run-in with two mysterious ghosts who turn out to be Danny and Sam’s future selves, Sam’s life is changed forever when she becomes Danny’s new partner as Sam Tasma after obtaining ghost powers of her own.

Together, they go through the hardships of being a superhero team and two teens in love. Along the way, they discover that Danny has tapped into a new, powerful form that’s as dangerous to him as to his enemies, as well as a mysterious connection Danny and Sam possess that goes back to all their ‘unison’ moments. The series is very well-written and pulls together many different storylines as well as clearing up a lot of the inconsistencies that occurred throughout the cartoon.

It has gathered an ever-growing following of fans who enjoy the action, comedy, and romance it presents. The stories can be found here. The author has also drawn pics to complement the stories which can be found on DeviantArt. So far, the series consists of fourteen stories: While Danny and Sam struggle to adapt their new relationship to Danny’s ghost fighting duties, a pair of mysterious ghosts are picking off major ghost hunting organizations.

Unbeknownst to Team Phantom, a more dangerous threat is coming that will lead to an event that will forever change Danny and Sam’s lives. When Sam goes out of town for a week, Danny gets depressed without his girlfriend.

Future tense

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Many of the invisible transmissions pass through us, while others bounce off. This might sound familiar: MIT researchers also used wireless transmissions three years ago to do the same thing. Earlier systems had drawbacks, however. The MIT system, as well as earlier systems, required knowing the exact position of Wi-Fi transmitters and had to be logged in to the network so they could send known signals back and forth, according to MIT Technology Review. For example, a system created by University of Utah researchers in involved a node wireless network.

It required a person to be walking directly at it to function and had a tougher time picking up on somebody walking at an angle. Watch Video The latest in peeping tom technology is far different: We believe that, by leveraging statistical data mining techniques, even a weak adversary armed with only passive off-the-shelf Wi-Fi receivers can perform invasive localization attacks against unsuspecting targets.

They suggest one attack scenario: But commodity Wi-Fi receivers could be used to identify the location of employees or security personnel, enabling the thieves to avoid detection. They could take advantage of near-ubiquitous Wi-Fi transmissions — such as digital assistants or Wi-Fi access points — to passively locate and track moving users. MIT Technology Review describes the challenges Zhu and his team were up against when it comes to the noisy, smeared world of RF signals that forced them to come up with a computational scheme to enable them to pick out humans and their movements:

LaMelo Ball is CRAFTY With The Basketball!! FUTURE UCLA PG Has BIG Game!

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