Nam Goong Min reveals he loves making Hong Jin Young angry on “We Got Married”

I decided to create a separate blog post for additional Korean dramas. I thought this list is getting too long and some of you might be having hard time loading the page. Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I would say I used to hate Romantic Comedy dramas. And then I met my husband, Lee Min Ho. I know they were crap, but some unspecified addictive chemical in them kept me drinking. And because I got too addicted to it, I came up with an idea to embark on a quest to find the good quality romantic comedies.

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[by Sunghee Park] Recently, men’s fashion magazine Gentleman Korea released an interview and pictorials taken with Hong Jin Young. On the day of interview, Hong Jin Young revealed, “I feel good about people recognizing me since I\’ve been unknown for more than 10 years. I’m happy to endure.

Because this is My First Life tvn starring: Nam Se-Hee is a single man in his early 30’s. He has chosen to not marry. He owns his home, but he owes a lot on his mortgage. Yoon Ji-Ho is a single woman in her early 30’s. She does not own a home and envies those that do. She has given up on dating due to her financial struggles. The Bride of Habaek starring:

My List of Best Romantic Comedy Korean Drama – Most Highly Recommended

The show depicts the struggles of being poor while having sick family members, and despite the tender moments shared between father and sons, sometimes it is not enough to combat the burdens of reality. Not asking and being by their side. First, I have to find out what the scar is. He mentions that Yoon-do is here, too, and Ji-hong joins Yoon-do at his table.

Nam Goong Min: In The Girl Who Sees Smells, that character was a killer. There is a big difference from my character now, even though he is also a killer but his nature now already exists on the inside.

Jin Woo, tell them, that I am not a criminal! I need a lawyer. A lawyer who can seek acquittal. Believe me, the truth speaks for itself. Lawyer, perhaps, did I have a son? Please think back carefully. Like the memories you have lost, he could be somewhere near you. This, this is yours. No one here can get off. Ahjussi, please close the doors here.


Dvd Store Welcome to Korean Drama synopsis database! Korean dramas are full of entertainment, with cliched yet dramatic plots, cute and handsome male characters, both main and supporting, and always a young pretty heroine! Korean drama refers to tv serial or series, produced in the Korean language for Korean audiences and available with english subtitles for non koreans.

Song Jae Rim was not afraid to hold Kim So Eun’s hands on their first day while Nam Goong Min lip-kissed Hong Jin Young in Macau without flinching, that’s what men do when they are attracted to someone. Based on my experience men are all about action, if .

Hye-jung runs after Ji-hong and wraps her arms around him in a back-hug. She receives a call from Kang-soo in the ER about a patient and orders him to prepare a surgery room. Their quick conversation reminds Ji-hong about a recent voicemail that was accidentally recorded and sent from Hye-jung. Ji-hong smiles as he hears her freak out in the voicemail that her message got recorded. Hye-jung performs surgery while Kyung-joon dozes off next to her.

In the break room, Joong-dae clears off the table at the arrival of their late night snack and enthusiastically greets the deliveryman cameo by Namgoong Min. His local clinic recommended that he take his son to a bigger hospital, and Kang-soo offers to schedule an appointment with Ji-hong. Speaking of Ji-hong, he enters the hospital and finds Hye-jung after her surgery.

But then, a nurse passes by and Hye-jung shakes him off, acting nonchalant. They go for a walk outside, and Ji-hong shows off his heart-shaped headphone splitter. They sit down, and Ji-hong gently strokes her hair. Inevitably, their romantic moment is cut short by a call from Kang-soo about another patient, so they walk back to the hospital together, milking every moment they have. The next day, Deliveryman watches his two sons giggle and play with each other in the hospital lobby.

Ji-hong asks Dal to walk to him and back to his father, and his smile falls after watching Dal drag his feet.

This is Hong Jin Young full intervi

No, this is love at the third sight. The hallway is a bit crowded since everyone just left their classes at the same time. Insoo and me head to cafeteria to grab some food.

Since I love k-pop and k-drama, I thought to lists celebrities who have an official instagram I will be listing below. I don’t know that much people but if you happen to know that is not on the lists kindly reply on this thread will be glad to add more. here are the korean idol group official instagram and Japanese celebrities with official instagram.

A noted pundit whose writings have sometimes caused controversy if not counter-criticism, Tsao has shown over the years that he has plenty to say, and Enthralled gives him a broad canvas on which to share his opinion on the general state of Hong Kong and its people. What is wrong is how Tsao chooses to tell his story, which tries for significance but employs ridiculously soapy plot twists and questionable acting and directing.

Enthralled is well-meaning and rich in local detail, but as an actual film it fails enormously. While sitting in a bar, each dispenses precise exposition, reciting his own personal history as if reading from a casting call sheet. Before leaving the bar, Adam picks up Julie Mandy Liew , a bored socialite whose much older husband Yu Yen-Ping is running for local office. Meanwhile, Shing spies rich divorcee Linda Candy Law and makes a quick connection.

Jang Geun Suk, Yeo Jin Goo y Lim Ji Yeon podrían estar juntos en un nuevo drama de SBS

Then he took a role in the drama “Wild Chives and Soybean Soup” in which he plays a man who was forced to married young. According to his “We Got Married” co-star, he needs some practice relating to the opposite sex. He went to an all-boys school and studied mechanical engineering at Chung Ang University. And while he was in school, he didn’t have much time to date because he focused on his studies.

Tags Nam Goong Min, Hong Jin Young, Kim So Yeon, Wang Ji Won, Lee So Yeon, We Got Married, Wild Chives and Soybean Soup Close After playing a man who found it hard to commit to love in “I Need Romance 3,” Nam Goong Min decided to get married.

I need romance 3 is a TVN drama. She has a few boyfriends in the past. She got into a relationship with Tae Yoon but broke up later as she realized that she like Allen. Ever since he was born into this world, Joo Yun took care of him. She taught him to play the piano, took care of him when he was sick, eat together with him and study with him. And, he really came back to Korea and live together with Joo Yun. He has a sweet and nice personality.

He spend a year living overseas until his boss personally went over there and brought him back. Joo Yun would always confide her personal problems with Tae Yoon and he would give her some feedbacks. When he was in a relationship with Tae Yoon, he always separate work and love which made Tae Yoon upset sometimes. Tae Yoon broke up with him as she felt that he did not love her but he told her that he love her.


Career[ edit ] Kim Min-hee began modeling when she was in middle school, and soon appeared as a cover girl in teen magazines. In she was cast in the campus drama School 2 as a rebellious high school girl, which launched her to stardom. She became a popular young star at barely 20 years old, appearing in TV dramas and movies. However, a string of poor acting performances brought her negative criticism.

Critics and viewers disparagingly called her an “attractive but blank actress,” more famous for being a fashion icon and actor Lee Jung-jae ‘s then-girlfriend.

REPARTO Moon Geun Young como Han Se Kyung Park Shi Hoo como Cha Seung Jo So Yi Hyun como Seo Yoon Joo Kim Ji Suk como Tommy Hong Nam Goong Min como Seo In Chan (Ex novio de Se Kyung) Jung In Ki como Han Deuk Ki (Padre de Se Kyung) Lee Jong Nam como Jung Yoon Hee (Madre de Se Kyung) Hyejeong como Han Se Jin (Hermana menor de Se Kyung) Shin So Yool como Choi .

So why people are bashing her for that honest remark? I know first-time WGM viewers may think that this show can lead to real life romance, I have been there too but after watching many WGM couples, I learned my lesson. He truly deserves it because he works hard to entertain us as a part of Solim Couple. With some WGM couples you know right away that they are just going to play along with the fake couple concept.

Hong Jin Young is good at variety and she always deliver despite her background as a trot singer. Her virtual husband, Nam Goong Min follows her lead at ease and he knows how to react well, his 4D personality makes things more interesting too. This couple is your common WGM couple and they are not trying to be more than that, except with that kiss in Macau. Yura was struggling to keep their segment entertaining enough and luckily her persistence keep them on the show.

These days he is doing better though. He is caring and warm towards bubbly Yura, I guess now he feels comfortable enough with her, their interaction is sweet and innocent.

Nam Goong Min & Hong Jin Young “A Dinner Date”

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